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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ta Ta for Now

Well my fun little business is closed for the time being. After a nice two year run at blog designing and not quite a year of card designing I'm closing my cyber doors...at least for now. This change came about much more suddenly than I expected due to the fact that one of my beloved boys (who will remain unnamed) broke the external drive that stored ALL of my EBS Design programs and materials. I'm hoping it can be repaired but it certainly isn't going to be a quick process. I just can't stand the thought of loosing all of that stuff forever and having to repurchase all of the programs and layouts I've bought through the years so we are still trying to find someone to repair the drive.
I had thought that with the birth of LB being just before card season really heated up I wouldn't do Christmas cards this year but I hadn't expected to close my doors completely at least not for a while. Give the current circumstances however, it just makes sense to shut the whole thing down for a while. I may reopen them at some point...once our family of 4 feels normal, but for now since I can't even improve my own blog (and I'm DYING to) I figure I'll just go ahead and say I'm closed until after baby...whatever that may mean about my timing!
I've emailed all of my customers that had placed recent orders and everyone was sweet and understanding. I WILL find a way to fill the orders of the three of you who won the auction to benefit NieNie last year, I know a couple of you still have a design or two left. I appreciate your patience, please know I'm trying!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Nope, not baby boy names but BLOG names, more specificly, my family blog! Now that I know I'm the mama of two boys and married to one oh-so-all-boy husband I'm finding my family blog title (which was "And Then There Were Three" and is now "And Now There Are Four") to be a bit bland. I'm thinking I need a name that fits us more specifically in this stage of life. Troy and I used to think it was fun to do "And then there were three" and watch that grow to four, five, six, seven etc...(yes I said seven). But in this phase (or perhaps lifetime) of being surrounded by boys I think I want my blog title to give a little nod in that direction.
I thought about "Mama's Boys" but Troy didn't like that and I just emailed him with the suggestion of "That's what she said" which I know he will love but I'm not quite sold on. What do you think?? Name my family blog and EBS designs will make you a prize!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


No, EBS Designs isn't expanding but Mrs. EBS certainly is...a clear indication that our family is too! This explains my recent hiatus from the land of designs and almost from blogging all together. The newest member of the Schwant family, though barely bigger than a lime and just over 12 weeks old has made quite an impact on his or her Mama from very early on, much more so than her dear brother did. We are thrilled over our littlest baby and tremendously thankful to be entering the second trimester.
A huge thanks to my very patient customers who recently have been waiting 4-8 weeks for their designs rather than 48 hours! The 12 week mark has brought with it the much anticipated energy boost I've hoped for, I'm happy to say I'm back to my normal speed and my creative juices are once again flowing.
Below are a couple of links to what I've been up to in the last couple of days as well as the invitation I made for our sweet boy's 2nd birthday. His three favorite things are bounce houses, music, and farm animals, hence the theme. I'd really love to do more birthday invites - this one was so much fun!As promised, links to my two newest designs:

As always, email orders to erinschwant@hotmail.com

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recent Card Designs

I've had so much fun creating these cards! The Christmas rush was quite exhilarating but there is something really nice about doing cards for unique events like birthdays and births! I did a couple of New Years cards too - isn't it always fun to get one or two extra cards after the holidays?
I've been thinking that sending out Valentine cards could be of so fun...check back soon so some heart filled designs I'm sure you will love! Order before Feb. 2nd and I'll give you 20% off because I just LOVE early orders and well, it is heart day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cards for ALL Ocassions!

That's what I started putting on the back of my Christmas cards mid-way through the season! I had so much fun making the cards I didn't want it to come and go as quick as Christmas always does. Since then I've been doing birth announcements, party invitations and New Years cards. It has been great fun! I'd love to do yours so feel free to email me if you have an occasion coming up worthy of a cute card!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Blog Designs

Christmas is Coming...

and if this year is anything like years past, I'll be getting lots of orders for Christmas blog designs in the coming weeks. It really is so much fun to have a festive blog and wonderful Christmas music playing when your readers log on to your site. In order for you to get the most use of your Christmas design I'd love to go ahead and get started creating them this week. You and I can come up with the perfect design now and I can wait to post it on your blog until Friday - or whenever you'd like. This way you won't have to wait to get your blog and your readers in the Christmas spirit!
A complete design is $30.00 and I will change your blog back to the previous design after Christmas for $5.00. Another great option is to do a winter design (with snowmen, snowflakes etc) and keep it up for a few months. As always, all designs are completely up to you!
In order to be sure each of you has a unique look for the holidays I'm only going to do 15 Christmas designs so order soon!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

PS: I only have THREE spots left for Christmas cards so if you are thinking about ordering cards now is the time!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Cards by EBS designs!

Now through Friday, December 5th order your Holiday Cards through EBS Designs!
I'm only taking 20 orders so order soon...spots are filling fast!

EBS Design Customers receive:
One proof and two revisions for FREE
All cards are 5x7 and printed on 110lb card stock

EBS Designs cards are completely unique because they are customized just for you. You and your designer (EBS herself, err myself?) will choose everything from your pictures to your layout, print, font and wording. No two orders will look alike and no other card store can offer you this kind of freedom to customize your card!

Here's how it works:
You email me erinschwant@hotmail.com and tell me as many things as you possibly can about what you'd like in a card. Attach a picture or a few (up to 8) and I'll put together a draft and send it back to you. From there you have two free revisions - you can say something like "I like the layout but wish the font were different" or "could you move that picture over to the left side of the card" or "these colors aren't really my favorite, lets do more red." I'll take your feedback, change the card, and email it back to you. If we need to (we probably won't) we can do one more revision at no cost. From there if you want more changes made I'll charge $5.00 per revision.

Once you and I both love your card I'll have them printed and on there way to you! From the time you tell me you love your card to the time it is on your doorstep will be about one week. Get your orders in early because nobody wants you pulling an all nighter to get your cards stamped and addressed in time for the holidays! Once again, I'm only taking 20 or
ders and I will stop taking orders all together on Friday, December 5th so HURRY and order today!